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Verso Quilt – ready to launch

Ready to Launch

MPT Group has continued with their development program and has launched two new machines to its already extensive range of mattress machinery.

The last 12 months saw the company focus on developments to their Automatic Tufter which now offers its patented triple lace system, now in the first quarter of this year they have focused on developments to their border production machines.

Managing Director Andrew Trickett tells Cabinet Maker: “Clients are always looking to enhance border effects which offer a point of difference in an ever increasing competitive market. “The company’s latest development, the Verso Quilt 2 now offers manufactures a highly flexible border production solution which offers a variety of border quilting options.” The Verso Quilt combines three chain stitch sewing heads made up of two vertical sewing heads and a 16” wide straight line sewing system. This combination of heads ensures clients aren’t just limited to a range of preinstalled designs but now have access to over 100 border effects. The new machine also encompasses 3D ventilation materials and decorative tape effects often used on today’s modern mattresses.

As well as the pre-installed designs clients also have the ability to create their own designs thanks to the inbuilt CAD System supplied, providing limitless design options for any manufacturer who is looking to set their mattresses apart from the crowd. To complement the Verso Quilt MPT Group have also launched their new double overlocking Sergemaster machine. The Sergemaster uses left and right hand four thread overlocking heads and can be used for the preparation of borders prior to use on machines like the BordaTac S2 simulated Side Stitch machine or for the finishing of borders after micro quilting. The Sergemaster can also work with borders from 8 to 23” wide, with the extra wide sewing area and ultrafast overlocking speeds of up to 20 meters per minute making light work of materials up 700 grams. The Sergemaster has been designed so it can also be integrated into any existing border line reducing the need for continual machine updates in an everchanging marketplace. Thanks to this wide operating range the Sergmaster is the perfect overlocking system for any company.

Andrew Trickett said: “We have had great success with these new systems and have already placed machines in Nestledown who recently purchased both the Verso Quilt and Sergemaster and have also just recently confirmed orders from a Birmingham based producer who will be taking delivery in the next few months.”

But MPT Group isn’t standing still on the development front… In August of this year MPT Group will be launching its newly revamped Panelmax system. The Panelmax is a fully automated panel cutting system for both plain and quilted materials. This will be followed in September with the iQuilt 2, a multi-needle chain stitch quilting machine offering an enhanced windows based control system and revised panel cutting which offers easier access to the slitting systems to speed up change overtimes when producing borders. The iQuilt 2 also offers further enhancement’s following H&S changes within the industry. Andrew Trickett went on to say, “We have had remarkable success with iQuilt when it launched some 6 years ago. The iQuilt is now used by some of the leading producers in the UK such as Dreams, Bodyease, Shire Beds and Deluxe Beds and now, having listened to customer feedback, we believe the iQuilt 2 will prove to be even more successful when launched later this year.”

So it’s certainly been a busy time for this Lancashire based producer. MPT Group places a huge emphasis on R&D and this is key to keeping their product range up to speed and ahead of the competition. Andrew Trickett commented: “We hope these new additions to our range will not only strengthen our position in our home markets but will also allow us to extend our portfolio of overseas clients.”

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