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Mattress Machines You Can Depend On!

MPT Group is supplier of mattress machinery solutions for the mattress industry. Our range of mattress machines is designed to meet the standards of this highly demanding market. Today MPT Group is a leading force in the supply of mattress machinery products around the world. Our extensive range of mattress machines meet the demands of all businesses from small to global mattress producers any where in the world.

Mattress production machinery supplied my MPT Group is backed up with an excellent after sales service. Ensuring that your production operation offers the maximum productivity. Our customers expect the highest standards and MPT Group Ltd aims to meet their high demands for the production of their mattress products.

Our range of tape edge machines use the 300ux5 Sewing Head regarded as the industry standard head for the tape edge operation. Our range of mattress tape edge machines offer systems to meet all budgets and mattress products. The Matramax Tape Edge machine is used through the world with over 800 machines in operation.

In addition we produce a highly flexible range of mattress quilting machines for mattress borders and top panels. The Bordamax Vertical Stitch Border Quilting Machine offer high productivity, coupled to the Bordamax is the Bordatac Simulated Mattress Side Stitching Machine and the Euromax system which is multi function border quilting machine offer 5 very different quilted mattress border effects.

The Matramatic CQT Mattress Quilting Machine is a highly productive mattress quilting system offer production in excess of 160 panels per single shift. It offers simple pattern selection with no need to movement of needles so that low to high end mattress products can be quilted with ease.
For mattress handles equipment from MPT Group provides users with a flexible solution for both mattress handle production and mattress handle attaching machines. We offer systems to meet all price demands and production needs.