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Time to ask some tuft questions…

Are you missing out on valuable opportunities?

Are your sales where you want them to be?

Could you benefit from upgrading your current system?

The demand for tufted mattresses has risen significantly in recent years, and the truth is – if you haven’t got the means of tufting in-house – you may be missing out!

Are you are a volume producer? We have an extremely innovative automatic tufting solution, thanks to our New Generation Autotufter.

The new Autotufter has evolved significantly and is now a more capable and flexible machine than ever. You’ll find some of the benefits laid out for you below, and we hope you’ll soon be in touch to find out more!

Key updates:
Changeover time on tuft lengths has been significantly reduced – this can now be performed in under five minutes. Machine speed has been increased – meaning that many producers in the UK are tufting upwards of 260 mattress per shift. Myers has recorded 400 in a single shift!

System has auto product sizing with improved in-feed system. Single Bed can be tufted in under 59 seconds from in-feed to
exiting the machine.

*NEW* Pom-Pom washers can be used on the machine to simulate the woolly tufts used on higher end models.

This is where MPT Group can help. We currently have used tufters in stock that start from £4,495.

We also manufacture new tufters starting at £9,995.

Reduction in manual handling of heavy mattress constructions reduces RSI complaints and weight lift restrictions.

Reduces damage/soiling of products due to manual handling of mattress from one construction process to the next. Allows for the elimination of bottle necks in tufting and promotes flow line production which reduces overall labour costs of the business.

Just one operator required for the tufting and quality inspection of 200-300 beds per day.

Finished products look more tailored. Payback on investment is less than 24 months.

Space gain within the production floor in term of production output per sq. foot.

Reduced stocking of multiple tuft length in the business.