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New Autotufter machine

A revolution in automated mattress manufacture has occurred; the MPT Group are proud to unveil the ‘New Autotufter’ machine, which has quite literally transformed the mattress manufacture industry.

When the original Autotuft machine, launched in 2004, it became a world leader with the capacity to tuft 200 mattresses per 8-hour shift and the only machine of its kind in the world. The ‘New Autotufter ‘ with Patented Triple Lace System will exceed the demands of any manufacturing environment, whether large or small.  Three key benefits set it apart; firstly it can select multiple lace lengths with auto indexing, secondly, a completely automated tufting solution and thirdly, increased production capability with improved overall performance.

The Triple Lace technology allows automatic selection, indexing and loading of multiple and different lace lengths ranging from 50mm to 385mm, an optional Velcro system for inner lace tufting is also available. Thanks to the development of being able to work with both Pom-Pom and standard washers it suits the manufacture of both medium to high-end.

MPT Group supply mattress equipment to over 80 countries and is dedicated to innovation and refinement of their already impressive product range. Andrew Trickett, Managing Director comments: “We feel that the new patented Autotuft system is now a truly automated tufting solution for any business, large or small. The triple lace system is the final piece of the jigsaw, which manufacturers have been seeking. This latest innovation, when combined with our new Pom Pom and Velcro washer developments means the Autotufter gives manufacturers total flexibility throughout their tufting process. We hope that our in house shows taking place over the coming weeks will give the industry opportunity to see the innovations for themselves.”

One of the most significant advancements of the New system is the ability for clients to now use tufting to zone mattresses, creating comfort zones by using varying lace lengths through the mattress. This was impossible to consider with traditional tufting, owing to the manual changing of laces being impractical. We feel this will offer an excellent sleep feature for manufacturers looking for a new story to enhance their product in the retail arena.

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