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Mattress Machines - MPT Group Mattress Machinery Supplier

MPT Group a leading producer of mattress machinery for the mattress industry. MPT Group offers a wide range of mattress equipment  allowing us to meet all of your mattress machine requirements. Today MPT Group is a leading mattress machinery supplier of mattress equipment around the world and exports its machinery to over 80 countries. It operates mattress machinery agent networks in many parts of the world.

Our Mattress Products Include:

Mattress Tape Edge Machines - Mattress Quilting Machines - Multi Needle Quilting Machines - Bonnell Spring Machinery - Mattress Handle Making - Mattress Bordering Quilting -Machines Mattress Roll Packing and Mattress Factory Automation.

Choosing the right mattress machinery supplier is important.  Our range of mattress tape edge machines cover all mattress production requirment. While our Latest Multi Needle Quilting Machine offer the very latest fashions for high end mattress products. MPT Group range of mattress border quilting machinery provides mattress producers with an wide choice of machinery options. The BordaTac offers high end side stitched mattress borders while the Euromax provides the latest 3D Mattress Quilting effects with a wide range of other border quilting options available.

MPT Group also offers used mattress machinery for sale from mattress quilting machines to used tape edge machinery you can view this on our dedicated used mattress machinery site.

Mattress Machinery Products

Thanks to our wide range of mattress equipment for all aspects of the mattress manufacturing process we are able to meet your machinery demands with ease. To make your mattress equipment choice that much easier below we have listed our mattress equipment by groups to help easily identify the right mattress machinery for you.

Border Quilting:

MPT offers five machinery options for quilting mattress borders these are: Simulated Hand Side Stitch with the BordaTac Machine which provides the options of 2, 3, and 4 tack effects. BordaTac also offers the advantage of 2 Tack Targeting when combined with a Vertical Stitch Borders. For 3D border effects and Eurotop Borders we offer the Euromax mattress quilting machine.

Mattress Tape Edge Machines. MPT Group offers a wide range of mattress tape edge machines. If your looking for a automatic mattres tape edge machine or a used tape machine MPT Group can offer you many options. Mattress Quilting Machines our range of quilting machines cover both mattress panel quilting and multi needle quilting machines. These two mattress quilting systems both offer key advantages depending on the type of materials your are looking to quilt. The Matramatic Mattress Quilting Machines have been used in the mattress manufacturing industry for over 50 years.  


Tape Edge Machine Matramax Mattress
The MatraMax High Speed Electornic tape edge machine is a leader for mattress producers in the world today. The MatraMax's innovative design features ensure a reduction in operator fatifue coupled with increased productivity.

Mattress Quilting Machine i-Quilt
The i-Quilt is a high speed mattress quilting machine. I Quilt is a chain stitch mattress quilting machine or multi needle quilting machine. i-Quilt offers a cutting edge mattress quilting machine solution for mattress manufacturers. With full computer control the i-quilt Multi Needle Quilting machine allows for fast change over times between patterns reducing downtime in your mattress quilting operations.
Matramatic 50 years of mattress quilting machinery experience i-Quilt delivers a complete multi needle mattress quilting machine solution. i-Quilt is an Multi Needle Chain Stitch Quilting solution for the mattress industry, for quilting of comforters, upholstery, bedspreads, mattress border quilting.

Swift Wrap Mattress Wrapping Machine
Swift Wrap is an automated mattress packaging machine. Capable of wrapping 3 mattresses per minute Swift Wrap.

MPT Groups experience within the mattress machinery industry has allowed it to create a mattress wrapping solution which meets the demands of mattress producers larger and small.

Matress Handle attaching machine PFH-50AS
The Fanghanel PFH-50AS is a semi-automatic handle attaching station. The fully automatic programmable sewing cycle automatically clamps the handle and attaches it to the mattress border in just one operation. The PFH-50AS has been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for fast change over times between different ticking.

Fangahnel High Speed Mattress Flanger Machinery
HL-7 High Loft Heavy Duty flanging machine. Auto Flange Insertion and Cut System Fitted As Standard

Suitable for Quilting Material up to 80mm in depth (subject to filling density)

Excellent Productivity 90 Panels Per Hour, Suitable For Light, Medium & Heavy Flanger Work

Mattress Tufting Machine
Designed to easily compress today’s high spring count quality mattresses containing high density fillings.   The PowerMax – 4 will compress hand stitched pocket spring mattresses which have up to 450mm deep borders.

Mattress Conveyor
MPT Groups Ltd wealth of experience in mattress flow line prodiction allows us to offer you a customized solution for conveyorisation of your complete factory or for individual production lines.